Scented candles are home decorations that create a romantic atmosphere. Incredibly beautiful and warm. Choosing to use scented candles to decorate and create relaxation in the house should mainly consider the type of room. The choice of scent also plays an important role. There are usually three levels of odor: strong pungent, mild and warm. And the most important thing is to choose the style of the candle which has different usage characteristics as well.

Stick candles Candles like us are most familiar with. look thin and slender Lengths range from 6 to 18 inches, with both smooth and twisted surfaces adding different dimensions. To use such candles, candlesticks are required. Therefore, the atmosphere of using candles like this will change according to the candlestick. Choose a brand that feels luxurious, classy, ​​or a cute, minimal one as well. It is popular to decorate on the dining table or in the living room. The candle itself is available in a choice of normal white or other pastel colours.

Bulk candles These candles come in cubes of various shapes: spherical, cylindrical, or fancy. The advantage is that we can place it in different places. Without candlesticks, but maybe with a saucer of the right size to manage the tears. This kind of candle gives a feeling of comfort. And has a strange shape, interesting, can be used for a long time, suitable to be placed in a fixed position and to create an atmosphere in the room, if placing many books in groups of different sizes, it will look beautiful in another way

candle in cup Such candles are very convenient to use. Looks like different colored candles in a small cup can be placed as you like without fear of the candle wax dripping and messy easy to move and used up in no time Suitable for use in special occasions In addition to the color and scent of the candle Patterns and characteristics of the cups are another thing that adds more beauty to the place. And if it’s a candle in some large cups, there will be a lid so we can keep it for future use as well.

gel candle A special type of candle that is different from other artificial scented candles. It looks transparent because it is made of synthetic oils or substances derived from hydrocarbons Therefore, manufacturers like to put other things into the candle to enhance the beauty even more. Be it shells, hearts, miniatures or miniature models. Gel candles are popular to put in glass or clear cups. to show the creative details inside And even if the candle is not lit like this, it can be used to decorate the house itself.




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